People With MS Have A Difficult Challenge Getting Social Security Disability.

By Arthur W. Stevens III

I have litigated many Multiple Sclerosis cases during my career. People with MS have a difficult challenge in the Social Security Disability world because of the variety of ways the disease presents itself.

For eons the diagnosis was purely clinical. More recently the use of MRI to determine the existence and extent of the disease has helped to objectify it for purposes of proof to disability analysts and administrative judges. Since it is a progressive and demyelinating disease involving nerve destruction, the symptoms vary and express themselves in many ways. I have seen clients with massive fatigue, disorientation, altered gait, blurred vision, anxiety and depression and a host of other problems associated with MS.

Since the illness waxes and wanes sometimes an individual looks great, and it takes a special doctor and advocate to impress upon a judge how truly impaired a person is. I love representing people with MS and have worked with some of the best neurologists around to be successful for my clients.