Our Staff
We have a large and experienced staff, organized to provide our clients the very best in legal service. Normally it is our staff who will return phone inquires, gather and coordinate important information and help to keep you up to date on case details.

Workers’ Compensation Department

Teresa, will be assisting you on your claims. Teresa is the main client contact and assists the attorneys in file preparation and settlement negotiations. She has been with the firm since 1989.

Social Security Department

Teresa will be assisting you on your claim. Teresa prepares court documents, gathers medical documentation, client contact, schedules hearings, closes files and has been with the firm since 1989.

Personal Injury Department

Deborah and Carly work in the settlement side of this department. Deborah is responsible for maintaining client contact and preparing the cases for settlement, and negotiations with insurance adjusters. Deborah has been with the firm since 2011. Carly assists Deborah with these duties, by requesting medical records, wage loss documents, etc. Carly has been with the firm since 2018.

If your case does not settle and a lawsuit is filed, your case is then transferred to the litigation department. Katrina and Davina work in this department. Katrina is responsible for maintaining medical bills and records. She is also responsible for scheduling events such as depositions, doctor consults, trial, etc. She has been with the firm since 1993. Davina is our staff investigator and litigation paralegal. She does our investigations and gathers wage loss materials. She has been with the firm since 2007.


Our administrative support staff consists of Sonia and Marla. Sonia is our receptionist and joined our firm in 2018. Marla is our office manager and she has been with us since 1990.