Bicycle Accident Attorneys Medford, Grants Pass, Klamath Falls, and Portland

By Robert Chapman

Bicycle versus auto collisions can result in serious personal injuries
and even wrongful death.

Vehicle and bicycle accidents can happen in endlessly large
numbers of ways:
Weather conditions, road surface conditions, and vehicle conditions
can also contribute greatly to collisions between bicycles and cars
and trucks. In Oregon, bicycles by law are required to follow what
are called “the rules of the road,” meaning the vehicle code for
motor vehicles in each state of the nation.

These laws include speed limits and compliance with traffic
signage. (Stop signs are a good example.) Bicyclists can be
convicted of driving a vehicle under the influence of intoxicants.
Helmets and other safety equipment are not yet fully codified in
Oregon, but every cyclist on roadways should have a good helmet
and good lights, front and back.Helmets are often designed to be
replaced every three to five years, according to different

If you are involved as a cyclist in a collision with a
motorized vehicle, you should immediately think of your own
personal safety if possible. Most people carry smart phones; you
should call 911 for immediate response. If you feel that you are not
badly injured, and you have a smart phone, you should take as
many pictures of vehicle locations and conditions as you can safely
do. Try to include reference points if at all possible so that the
locations of the vehicles can be ascertained after they have been
removed from the scene.

Take pictures of road surfaces and conditions if possible to
do safely. If there are witnesses, get names and contact
information. Do NOT give statements to anyone until officials are
on the scene. DO NOT get into a confrontation with any of the
other involved motorists. We have seen motorcycle riders wearing
Go Pro cameras on helmets, and Go Pro cameras have been used
in lawsuits involving bicycles as well. These cameras are not super
expensive and might be invaluable in the right circumstances.
Several types of injuries can happen in these types of
automobiles and bicycle accidents. Perhaps the most difficult are
the injuries which are not immediately apparent. These include
traumatic brain injuries and spinal trauma, usually to the neck or
lower back. Major joints such as shoulders and knees can also
receive injuries which are not obvious. Many times medical
providers in urgent care facilities don’t fully appreciate these
injuries. For this reason, we believe that if you have a family
physician you might be wise to see her or him if your symptoms do
not clear in a matter of hours or a day or two.

Types of Bicycle Accidents

Not every bicycle accident injury may be the result of a collision
with an automobile.
• Truck Crashes versus bicycle accidents
• Door Openings versus bicycle accidents
• Motor Vehicle and Bicycle Accidents
• Defective Bicycle Part
• Dog Attacks

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