Claimant Requested That Employer Expand The Scope Of Two Claim Acceptances, Each Relating To A Separate Employment- Related Back Injury

Klutsenbeker v. Jackson County 185 Or App 96, 57 P3d 925 (Or. App. 2002) 57 P.3d 925 185 Or.App. 96 In the Matter of the Compensation of Charles F. Klutsenbeker, Jr., Claimant. Charles F. KLUTSENBEKER, Jr., Petitioner, v. JACKSON COUNTY, Respondent. 98-06559, 98-04553, 97-07040; A112885. Court of Appeals of Oregon. Argued and Submitted October 12, … Read more

Conflicting Medical Opinions As To Whether Claimant’s Recurrent Neck And Shoulder Pain Resulted In Major Part From An Earlier Compensable Injury

Jackson County v. Wehren 186 Or App 555, 63 P3d 1233 (Or. App. 2003) 63 P.3d 1233 186 Or. App. 555 In the Matter of the Compensation of Christopher J. Wehren, Claimant. JACKSON COUNTY, Petitioner, v. Christopher J. WEHREN, Respondent. 00–01486; A114211. Court of Appeals of Oregon. Argued and Submitted October 30, 2002. Decided February … Read more

Claimant injured her knee when she walked into a concrete ashtray while returning to work from lunch

Hearthstone Manor v. Glenna M. Stuart 153 Argued and submitted August 18, 2003, affirmed February 11, 2004 In the Matter of the Compensation of Glenna M. Stuart, Claimant. HEARTHSTONE MANOR, Petitioner , u. Glenna M. STUART, Respondent. 01-07907; A119321 84 P3d 208 Cite as 192 Or App 153 (2004) 154-a CJS, Workmen’s Compensation§ 240. Judicial … Read more

Claimant is on-call emergency medical technician that was exposed to hazardous chemicals when she stopped to report automobile accident

American Medical Response V Pearlene Gavlik 294 Argued and submitted May 14, affirmed August 20, 2003 In the Matter ofthe Compensation of Pearlene Gavlik, Claimant. AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE, Petitioner , v. Pearlene GAVLIK, Respondent. 01-00383; All8712 76 P3d 117 Judicial Review from Workers’ Compensation Board. Jerald P. Keene argued the cause and filed the briefs … Read more