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Is Your Patient With Aching Joints Disabled Under The Social Security Listings?

This is the third in a series detailing how the Social Security “Listings” define certain types of disabling conditions. If your patient’s symptoms match or are equivalent to the criteria in the Listings, then your patient is “disabled” under Social Security law. Under the Listings for the musculoskeletal system, there are three categories of arthritic […]

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Is Your Patient Disabled By A Mental Disorder?

The opinion of a treating physician on the mental status of a patient claiming Social Security disability benefits is considered “competent psychiatric evidence” in federal courts, even if the treating physician is not a board certified psychiatrist. This article reviews the criteria for “Mental Disorders” set forth in the Social Security Regulations “Listings of Impairments.” […]

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Social Security Regulations List Disabling Spinal Conditions

The Social Security regulations list numerous conditions which render a person legally “disabled” for the purpose of receiving Social Security disability benefits. The conditions listed are collectively referred to as “the Listings.” In prior articles we have explained that a person is disabled if Social Security finds a condition which impairs ability to work to […]

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When Is A Disability “Equal To” The Social Security Listings?

Even if your patient’s specific disability does not appear under the “Listings, ” he or she may still be legally disabled and entitled to Social Security benefits of his or her impairment is “equal to” the severity of those on the Listings. Most physicians are aware that the Social Security Administration regulations list detailed medical […]

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People With Addicition And Alcoholism-Related Disabilities Lose Benefits

Persons with disabilities contributed to in a material way by drug addiction and/or alcoholism (DA&A) lost Title 11 and SSI payments and Medicare and Medicaid eligibility under the Contract with America Advancement Act of 1996. The standard for determining whether DA&A “materially contributes” to a disability has been around since 1994. Under the standard, DA&A […]

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Your Opinion Is Key To Social Security Disability

As the treating physician, your opinion is vital to the outcome of your patient’s Social Security disability claim. In fact, it may control the outcome of the claim. Under a recent policy ruling, if a treating physician’s medical opinion is well-supported and not inconsistent with other substantial evidence in the record, it is given “controlling […]

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Is Your Patient “Disabled” Under Social Security Law?

Doctors with patients who have been inured or have Social Security disability claims are usually asked to provide evidence. But what do the Social Security people mean by “disability”? And what kind of evidence do they need from doctors? There is no universal definition of “disability.” It depends on who is defining it – Veterans […]

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Getting Surgery Approved For Injured Workers: The Rules Governing Elective Surgery

Your patient suffered an injury on the job. The injury is an accepted Workers’ Compensation claim. The workers’ comp insurance carrier (“the insurer”) has been paying your bills. Now, you think your patient needs surgery. The surgery is not needed as an emergency measure to preserve life, function or health, but you believe surgery will […]

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