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Issues Regarding Future Medical Expenses Cannot Be “Left Open” In Personal Injury Cases

Unlike injuries covered by Workers’ Compensation benefits, settlements and awards in personal injury claims – such as auto accidents or “slip and fall” – cannot be “left open” for payment as needed for future medical expenses. Most doctors know that injured workers with accepted injuries may receive ongoing medial care at the Comp carrier’s expense. […]

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Your Chart Notes As Evidence: Helping Lawyers On Both Sides Sort Out The Medical Damages

You are probably aware that medical records are important evidence in any personal injury case. This article gives an overview of the ways chart notes and other medical records are used to assess medical damages (the dollar value of the medical “loss” sustained by the injured person as a result of another’s actions or negligence). […]

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Helping Your Patient Survive An Independent Medical Examination

If your patient has been injured in an auto accident, there’s a good chance he/she will be required to submit to an “independent medical examination” (IME). As your patient’s treating physician, you are in a position to help minimize the trauma of this inherently threatening experience. You are probably well aware that many people are […]

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How Can A Physician Document Causation?

A Grants Pass physician asks, how can physician document causation and determine whether a specific activity/job is at least 51% responsible for a problem? This question is pertinent in Workers’ Compensation law. First, we must recognize the difference between an occupational injury and an occupational disease. An occupational injury is a specific event. An occupational […]

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