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Spinal Injuries In The Courts

In a developing body of testimony, many doctors and therapists treating our injured clients seem to us to be articulating a comprehensive medical basis for long-term back and neck symptoms. The following is our understanding of the analysis we are hearing through medical-legal testimony about some of the reasons for persistent musculoskeletal conditions in our […]

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Insurance Company Caught Using Bogus Medical Consultants’ Reports To Deny Benefits

Earlier this year, this office received several letters from State Farm with checks enclosed to pay medical bills denied to our clients as early as 1993. The denied medical benefits were “no fault” PIP benefits claimed by State Farm’s own insureds who were shocked by how their own insurance company was treating them. In the […]

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Doctors’ Testimony Key To Non-Economic Damage Awards

Two recent cases tried by this office illustrate the importance of medical evidence to jury awards of non-economic damages. In one case, our client (“Client A”) had suffered soft tissue injuries. The jury awarded $75,000, which was all we had asked for, in non-economic damages. The doctor who testified as Defense Medical Examiner (“DME doctor”) […]

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Discovery Depositions Of Medical Personnel In California

If your patient was injured in California and has filed a personal injury lawsuit, you are likely to be subpoenaed for a discovery deposition. This article should interest medical professionals not only in California, but also in Southern Oregon who may be treating patients injured in California. Discovery depositions in California differ from the process […]

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How “Damages” Resulting From A Car Accident Differ From “Benefits” Received For A Work Injury

If a person is injured due to the negligence or fault of another, compensation for the consequences of the injury is called “damages.” Such compensation for a work injury is called “benefits.” This article explains how damages for a personal injury negligence claim (most commonly an auto accident) differ from benefits received as a result […]

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How Lawyers Get Paid In Personal Injury And Social Security Disability Cases

Lawyers handling personal-injury, Workers’ Compensation and the Social Security disability cases almost always work on a contingency basis. This means that they must succeed in winning the client’s case or proving the client is entitled to benefits in order to receive a fee for their services. In other words, they may devote many hours to […]

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