Emergency Medical Technician Tests positive for Tuberculosis. It was medically probable that his exposure to TB occurred on the job.

E. DUARTE v. SAIF Corporation 41 P.3d 458, 179 Or. App. 737 (Or. App. 2002) In the Matter of the Compensation of George E. Duarte, Jr., Claimant. George E. DUARTE, Jr., Petitioner, v. SAIF CORPORATION and Mercy Flights, Inc., Respondents. 00-03067; A114242 Court of Appeals of Oregon. Argued and Submitted January 28, 2002. Decided February … Read more

Claimant is on-call emergency medical technician that was exposed to hazardous chemicals when she stopped to report automobile accident

American Medical Response V Pearlene Gavlik 294 Argued and submitted May 14, affirmed August 20, 2003 In the Matter ofthe Compensation of Pearlene Gavlik, Claimant. AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE, Petitioner , v. Pearlene GAVLIK, Respondent. 01-00383; All8712 76 P3d 117 Judicial Review from Workers’ Compensation Board. Jerald P. Keene argued the cause and filed the briefs … Read more