Spinal Conditions Added To Social Security listings

“Medical equivalence” and the effects of treatment and obesity may also result in Social Security disability. Two added spinal disorders were among the changes to the Social Security musculoskeletal disability “Listings” which became effective February 2002. Arachnoiditis and pseudoclaudication, as defined and discussed in the Listings at 20 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 404, … Read more

Social Security Regulations List Disabling Spinal Conditions

The Social Security regulations list numerous conditions which render a person legally “disabled” for the purpose of receiving Social Security disability benefits. The conditions listed are collectively referred to as “the Listings.” In prior articles we have explained that a person is disabled if Social Security finds a condition which impairs ability to work to … Read more

Spinal Injuries In The Courts

In a developing body of testimony, many doctors and therapists treating our injured clients seem to us to be articulating a comprehensive medical basis for long-term back and neck symptoms. The following is our understanding of the analysis we are hearing through medical-legal testimony about some of the reasons for persistent musculoskeletal conditions in our … Read more