Soft Tissue Injuries To Extremities Calling For Multiple Surgeries May Be Disabling

“Soft tissue injuries of an upper or lower extremity requiring a series of staged surgical procedures within 12 months after onset” are included among the disorders of the musculoskeletal system which are “disabling” as a matter of law under the Social Security Administration “Listings.” A patient with a soft tissue injury which interferes with the … Read more

Spinal Injuries In The Courts

In a developing body of testimony, many doctors and therapists treating our injured clients seem to us to be articulating a comprehensive medical basis for long-term back and neck symptoms. The following is our understanding of the analysis we are hearing through medical-legal testimony about some of the reasons for persistent musculoskeletal conditions in our … Read more

Book Review: Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries

Some topics are so vast we cannot hope to cover them in this journal. Occasionally we come across a book of note in the medical/legal field and will use this opportunity to notify you of such discoveries. Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries by Lawrence S. Nordhoff, Jr. (Aspen Publishers, Inc., 1996) is a resource which provides … Read more