Did employer, in accepting “low back disability,” accept a condition separate from the “low back strain,” or does the phrase “low back disability” simply modify or clarify the preceding phrase?

Hill v. Qwest 178 Or App 137, 35 P3d 1051 (Or. App. 2001) 35 P.3d 1051 178 Or. App. 137 In the Matter of the Compensation of Robert E. Hill, Claimant. Robert E. HILL, Petitioner, v. QWEST, Respondent. 00-00088; A112816 Court of Appeals of Oregon. Argued and Submitted August 24, 2001. Decided November 14, 2001. … Read more

Employers shift disability insurance costs to workers and trim benefits

As many employers try to reduce costs, disability benefits are at the top of the list for cuts and reductions. Is your employer reducing your coverage? Employers are shifting disability insurance costs to workers and trimming or eliminating benefits. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/employers-shift-disability-insurance-costs-to-workers-and-trim-benefits/2011/09/14/gIQAHptqfK_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.397ae3367125  

The Treating Doc’s Opinion Is Key To Social Security Disability

As the treating physician, your opinion is vital to your patient’s Social Security disability claim. In fact, it may have “controlling weight” in determining the outcome of the claim. Under a 1996 policy ruling (SSR [Social Security Ruling] 96-2p), a treating physician’s medical opinion which is well-supported and not inconsistent with other substantial evidence in … Read more

Disability Not Correlated To Severity Of Liver Disease In Hepatitis C Patients

Fatigue and pain can be disabling. Many Hepatitis C patients seek Social Security disability benefits claiming fatigue and pain of disabling severity. Since fatigue and pain are largely subjective and generally not measurable by objective medical tests, this presents a challenge for those evaluating these claims – and for us as their legal representatives. Not … Read more