Tom Petersen lends his expertise to a KTVL10 special report on Sexual Abuse in Schools.

Tom Petersen, partner with Black, Chapman, Petersen and Stevens and resident sexual abuse attorney, lends his voice to a KTVL News Channel 10 special report on sex abuse in area schools. If you missed the series titled Between the Cracks you can watch the videos below. Tom’s segment is in the second video.

Between the Cracks explores the sexual abuse case of Medford teacher Chris Gillman. He has been accused of touching female elementary students inappropriately over a time span of at least six years. After initial claims of sex abuse started back in 2003-2004 he was placed on administrative probation and allowed to continue teaching. Unfortunately new charges arose with several girls in 2010. One of the victims and her mother are talking about the incident as the school talks about how it responds to claims and why he was allowed to continue to teach.