Oregon personal injury attorney answers, “Who Should You Contact AFTER an Accident?”

Oregon personal injury attorney answers, “Who Should You Contact AFTER an Accident?”

Oregon Personal Injury Attorney,Tom Petersen, a partner at Black, Chapman, Petersen and Stevens answers, “Who Should You Contact AFTER an Accident?”

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When you’re in a wreck you have a couple of options some which are obligatory and some which are not. Number one you have to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to let them know you’ve been in a wreck and there are certain forms you have to fill out and send into the State to let them know that this has actually happened. It becomes part of your official record. It doesn’t mean it is a traffic ticket, it is just something you are required to do. It is actually a violation of law not to do it. So go ahead and do that. We can help you with that if you need. The second thing you need to do is you need to contact your insurance company, because your insurance company also requires under the terms of your contract, that you contact them after a wreck. In this instance, you tell them what happened and you provide them with information that will allow them to pay number one your medical bills, which you are probably going to incur, if you’ve been hurt, and lost income that you’re going to lose if you’ve lost time at work, because of what happened to you in the wreck. You definitely contact your insurance company and you cooperate with them, because if you don’t cooperate with them, they don’t have to cooperate with you. What that means is they don’t pay your medical bills, they don’t pay lost income. So, definitely call your insurance company, cooperate with them and do what you can to help them.


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