Medford Oregon Truck Accident

Here’s the bulk of an article that was published in the Medford Mail Tribune on December 30, 2010 with details of the accident.

Police have cited a truck driver whose trailer overturned on Biddle Road Dec. 21 with careless driving and making an improper turn.

The 59-year-old man who was pinned inside his pickup after the trailer toppled on top of it remains hospitalized in fair condition, according to Rogue Valley Medical Center spokesman Grant Walker. Other driver remains in fair condition at RVMC

The semitrailer, owned by Express Transport and driven by McCulloch, 41, of Central Point, was heading south on Table Rock Road and attempting a right turn onto Biddle Road when the trailer broke free, sideswiping a white Ford F-150 before landing on the driver’s side cab of Geary’s Silverado.

Police said that the semitrailer’s load shifting and its speed were contributing factors to the trailer breaking free and tipping over during the turn.

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As Oregon trucking accident attorneys who see these type of accidents more frequently than we would like, accidents involving trucks are different. There is greater property damage as well as more serious injuries and deaths. The physical, mental and financial toll suffered by people who have been injured by these vehicles is usually devastating. In this particular case, while our thoughts go out to the man who was injured, we are also very thankful that no one was killed.

Video of the Biddle Road Accident

As it relates specifically to trucking accident versus accidents involving other types of vehicles, here’s an example of a few things a trucking company is responsible for:

  • Hiring well-qualified drivers and maintenance staff
  • Providing adequate training for all staff members
  • Purchasing reliable vehicles
  • Properly maintaining the vehicles in the fleet
  • Making sure the cargo is loaded correctly and/or secured to the vehicle properly
  • Installing extra safety features on all vehicles to provide extra protection for the driver and others on the road (including braking systems and under-ride protection)
  • Disciplining drivers for safety violations

Additionally, these types of cases often involve investigations by regulatory and law enforcement agencies other than the local police department. This information can effects your case, as well as the value of the case or can even make the case worthless if it is helpful to the trucking industry. Again, an experienced trucking accident attorney knows where to go to ask about such investigations, which, once again, often involve both federal and state regulatory authorities.

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