david sternAP

A former NBA security director named Warren Glover is suing the league for lost wages and damages after he says he was fired for speaking up about sexual harassment in the office, the New York Times reports.

Glover says he was “demeaned” by his superiors for years until he was fired in July.

He says in a lawsuit that he went to senior officials to voice his concerns about the treatment of women in the office at least once, but was sent off to the HR department by NBA president for league operations Joel Litvin.

In addition, he testified against former VP for security Bernard Tolbert in a sexual harassment suit brought by an administrative assistant in 2009 — which he says ultimately made him an outcast.

After Tolbert settled with the women, he allegedly said to Glover, “It’s all your fault. You testified for your girl.”

The harassment he alleges ranges from verbal abuse to one official “displaying pornographic material” on his computer.