Workers' Compensation Lawyer Articles

Lawsuits Against Physicians: A Primer

Your primary focus as a physician is unquestionably the best possible diagnosis and treatment of your patients. Nevertheless, you, like all other professionals, work under the cloud of a constant presence, hovering like a Big Brother: the potential of being sued. I must state clearly at the outset: our firm does not handle lawsuits against … Read more

What If I Disagree With An MCO Over My Treatment Of An Injured Worker?

You may be among those physicians who found the emergence of managed care organizations (“MCO’s”) unsettling. The idea of others judging and second-guessing your treatment decisions and fees did not appeal to you. Well, MCO’s appear to be here to stay. Oregon has extensive administrative rules governing the delivery of medical services through MCO’s (OAR … Read more

Is An Aging Back A “Preexisting Condition” Which Should Preclude Comp Benefits

Many workers – our clients and your patients – have suffered (or potentially face) severe economic hardship because their work-related back and neck injuries are precluded from Workers’ Compensation coverage primarily because of their age. This is the result of the new (1995) “preexisting condition” definition which is now being applied in a way which … Read more