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Oregon Supreme Court Allows Injured Workers to file Civil Actions Against their Employers

Injured workers who found themselves without a remedy when their work injury claims were denied were given another option when the Oregon Supreme Court issued its opinion in Smothers v. Gresham Transfer, Inc.(1) in May 2001. Terry Smothers filed an “occupational disease” claim for a lung disorder developed after exposure to fumes and mist containing … Read more

Workers’ Comp: The Gnarly World Of Preexisting Conditions And The Hurdles Of Elective Surgery

This is the third in our series reviewing basic medical-legal aspects of our legal specialties. The focus of this edition is Oregon Workers’ Compensation law. Issues frequently arising in Workers’ Compensation disputes include “preexisting conditions” and “major cause.” The bulk of Volume 27 of our Medical-Legal Journal is devoted to sorting out the various applications … Read more

Workers’ Comp Vol. 2: Questions & Answers

A Grants Pass physician asks, how can physician document causation and determine whether a specific activity/job is at least 51% responsible for a problem? This question is pertinent in Workers’ Compensation law. First, we must recognize the difference between an occupational injury and an occupational disease. An occupational injury is a specific event. An occupational … Read more

Welcome Northern California readers

With this issue, the MEDICAL-LEGAL JOURNAL begins circulation to medical professionals in Northern California. Formerly called Southern Oregon MEDICAL-LEGAL JOURNAL, our banner now reads State of Jefferson MEDICAL-LEGAL JOURNAL. We welcome the Northern California medical community to our readership. Black, Chapman, Webber and Stevens has distributed the MEDICAL-LEGAL JOURNAL quarterly as a public service to … Read more

Settlement for Policy Limits

When a young teenager was blinded in his right eye while playing with ammunition primer caps at a friend’s home, his parents retained us to represent him against the homeowner for negligent supervision. The Insurance company for the homeowner denied all liability. Discovery of the facts revealed that the homeowner had furnished alcohol to the … Read more