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Reporting Preexisting Conditions: A Model

This is the third in a 3-part series on preexisting conditions. If your patient’s work injury has combined with a preexisting condition, your opinion on whether the work injury caused 51% or more of your patient’s disability or need for treatment (“major contributing cause”) may determine whether your patient receives Workers’ Compensation benefits. How should […]

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Doctor’s Role Critical In Closing Workers’ Comp Cases

Claim closure is a major event in your patient’s work injury claim. What is your role in closing a worker’s compensation case? As the attending physician, you are the most important participant in the closing of a worker’s compensation claim. The attending physician is given extraordinary responsibilities in the closing and many of these responsibilities […]

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Workers’ Compensation Vol 3: Questions & Answers

A Medford physician asks, when does my patient need an attorney for Workers’ Compensation and motor vehicle accident injuries? Not every injured worker needs legal counsel. However, after Senate Bill 369 (1995), the cards are highly stacked against injured workers. An unsophisticated injured worker may delay filing a claim – out of fear of losing […]

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What Oregon Law Requires In Doctors’ Notes To Support Comp Claims

If you have a patient with a work injury, you probably know that your records are vital to her/his compensation claim. But did you know that your patient could lose out totally if your notes don’t meet the new criteria for “objective findings” recently written into Oregon law? The concept of “objective findings” may confuse […]

Workers' Compensation Lawyer Articles

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