$1.1 million settlement for a Grants Pass resident

We represented a Grants Pass resident who was awakened one morning with his rental house in flames as a result of a gas explosion. He managed to escape the house, but was badly burned. The landlord’s insurance company wrote a letter saying the landlord had no responsibility and they would make no payment. Through knowledge of the Oregon Residential Landlord Tenant Act and by presenting the damages our client suffered in a convincing manner, we were able to achieve a $1.1 million settlement for our client.

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$100,000 settlement for Policy Limits for a Klamath Falls resident

A young real estate agent in Klamath Falls tried to handle her claim herself for over a year. She had received soft tissue injuries to her low back in an auto accident, which was not her fault. The insurance company for the driver who caused the accident made an offer that did not even cover her medical bills. We were hired and and obtained a policy limits settlement of $25,000. She had Underinsured Motorist Coverage from her own insurance company for an additional $75,000. They refused to pay any of this coverage amount to her. We took this case to trial and obtained a jury verdict for the full amount of her coverage plus attorneys’ fees.

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$186,000 settlement for a Medford resident

A Medford resident was working in Eureka, California, when she was involved in an auto accident with a commercial vehicle. We sued in San Mateo County, California, where the trucking company was headquartered. Before trial, at a court ordered mediation, the trucking company denied the accident was its fault and offered $100,000 as a compromise settlement. We took the case to trial in South San Francisco and received an award of $186,000.

$500,000 settlement

Our client was injured on the job. Review some of the correspondence which led to our client receiving a $500,000 settlement.

$885,000+ settlement for a Dutch citizen

We were hired by the wife of a Dutch citizen hospitalized in critical condition after having been backed over by a two-ton truck while visiting relatives in Grants Pass. Although he had retired from his job as an engineer, our client was a vital senior citizen who was active, self-sufficient and enjoying his retirement. This accident left him short of breath due to chest injuries and with a useless left arm. The insurance company for the towing company denied all liability. We tried the case in Federal Court and recovered $886,702.86 for our client.

Review some of the correspondence related to this case.

Settlement for Policy Limits

When a young teenager was blinded in his right eye while playing with ammunition primer caps at a friend’s home, his parents retained us to represent him against the homeowner for negligent supervision. The Insurance company for the homeowner denied all liability. Discovery of the facts revealed that the homeowner had furnished alcohol to the minors involved and had allowed them to play with these dangerous materials. We settled the case for policy limits.

Review some of the correspondence relating to this case.


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