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On The Job Injuries and Employer Liability Law

Employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees who have sustained on
the job injuries. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have been hurt on the job and are having a problem getting the benefits you believe you deserve. Workers’ Compensation exists so you can receive payments for medical expenses and lost income when you are unable to perform your job due to an injury you incurred while on the job. The process can be complicated and goes beyond filling out some forms and then collecting payments.

You are entitled to benefits for injuries that occur on the job, whether you or your employer caused the injury. It is a “no fault” system and the laws involved are particularly complex. Passed by the state legislature, which is heavily lobbied by business and insurance interests, these laws frequently make claims difficult and expensive, as opposed to easy and low-cost. Originally, the legislature got employers to pay for insurance for on the job injuries and in return, employers were free from lawsuits by injured workers. Over the years, employers are still immune, but workers’ benefits have become eroded by further changes in the law.

  • Construction Injuries
  • Work Site Injuries

If an employee accepts workers’ compensation, the employee waives their right to sue the employer for damages. There may however be opportunities for additional claims and financial recovery.

You are entitled to benefits for injuries that occur on the job, whether you or your employer caused the injury. It is a “no fault” system and the laws involved are particularly complex. The workplace injury attorneys at Black Chapman Webber and Stevens represent workers that were injured on the job in claims filed against parties other than the injured worker’s employer if the defendant

  • Worked in conjunction and was engaged in a “common enterprise” with the plaintiff’s employer
  • Oversaw and was in charge of the employee’s work
  • Had the ability to control the manner in which the employee performed his or her work

Black Chapman Webber and Stevens also represents workers that were injured in claims against product manufacturers. If an employee was on the job and injured as a result of a faulty product they were using or operating, a claim could be filed against the product manufacturer.

What Workers’ Compensation Does For You

Workers’ compensation benefits encompass the following:

  • Medical Treatment – Your insurance company pays for a doctor to treat you and get you back to work.
  • Temporary Disability – If your doctor says you can’t work, you may be eligible for up to 66% of your normal wages while you are recovering.
  • Permanent Disability – If you have a permanent limitation or restriction that affects your ability to work you may be eligible for permanent disability. This usually takes the form of a one-time payment.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation – If you can’t return to your job at all, and your employer can’t accommodate you, you may be eligible for vocational assistance.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be complicated to evaluate. If you have questions, we can obtain your medical and claim records at no cost to you, and offer a free consultation to discuss your options.

What Happens if your Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied?

Don’t jeopardize your right to compensation by not responding to a denial within the legal time limit. Contact the Oregon Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Black Chapman Webber & Stevens today. We will appeal your denied claim and:

  • Work with your physician to determine the amount of time off you need from work, and determine whether you are disabled and to what extent.
  • Prepare your appeal with a thorough investigation to help prove the cause and extent of your injuries or disability.
  • Attend your hearings and advocate for your rights.

However, strict time limits dictate this process and if you receive a denial letter or notice of closure, you only have 60 days to reply.

Third-Party Workplace Accidents – Oregon, Washington and California Lawyers Black Chapman Webber and Stevens.

If you are involved in a construction accident that is caused by another party other than your employer, the Attorneys at Black Chapman Webber and Stevens can help. Typically these accidents happen on a construction site when there are several contractors and subcontractors working on the same site. You may not receive all the benefits you deserve from simply filing a workers’ compensation claim. Benefits from Workers’ Compensation Claims do not include lost wages or pain and suffering compensation. You may be entitled to these added benefits through a third-party claim if you qualify.

Black Chapman Webber and Stevens third-party accident specialists.

Why is it important to hire a third-party accident attorney? Black Chapman Webber and Stevens has the resources and knowledge to investigate your case and find the responsible party for your injuries. Our third party accident attorneys know the best procedures and protocol for putting all the pieces together in supporting evidence to help you build a strong case and receive the most benefits from your accident. 

Some examples of third-party accidents:

  • You are working on the job and another contractor failed to install barriers and you fell and were injured.
  • You are operating a piece of equipment on a construction site and the piece of equipment fails and you are
  • You are operating a vehicle and injured while you are on the job. You may have a claim against the other
    driver’s insurance or if a product caused the accident a claim against a manufacturer.

Experienced and Caring Construction Accident Attorneys

Being injured is bad enough. Most people feel that they don’t need to hire an attorney and that they will be treated fairly. Unfortunately, a large percentage of injured parties don’t receive the compensation or the support they deserve.

Black Chapman Webber and Stevens and their experienced staff of Construction Accident Attorneys realize that being injured is a very difficult time in a person’s life. Our experienced team wants to make a difference, because these are more than just cases to us, these are people’s lives. It is our goal and our mission to help them heal and on the road to recovery. 

If you have an on the job injury or have been injured in the workplace or have a third-party workplace injury call the injury attorneys at Black Chapman Webber and Stevens. Black Chapman Webber and Stevens Attorneys have been named “Top Trial Lawyers In The Nation” as well as “Martindale-Hubbell’s Highest Peer Review AV Preeminent Rating” and “Oregon’s Trial Lawyers Association Doug Swanson Award of Excellence.” Black Chapman Webber and Stevens has recovered millions for our injured clients. Black Chapman Webber and Stevens has Oregon offices in Portland, Medford, Grants Pass, Klamath Falls, Bandon and in Yreka, California.

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